I am Architect Thenappan, a distinguished firm with over two decades of experience in delivering exquisite architectural and interior design services. Our journey in the industry has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by a commitment to excellence and an unwavering passion for creating exceptional spaces. Over these 20 years, we have had the privilege of engaging in a diverse array of projects, spanning across various verticals, each with its unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Our portfolio proudly showcases our proficiency in crafting captivating designs and executing projects in several domains, including the creation of stunning villas that harmoniously blend aesthetics with functionality. We have also lent our expertise to the development of modern and efficient apartments, the construction of striking commercial buildings that stand as architectural landmarks, and the transformation of office interiors into spaces that inspire productivity and creativity. In the realm of education, we have contributed to the design and layout of schools and college campuses that foster a conducive learning environment, as well as hospitals that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, our work extends to the hospitality industry, where we have played a pivotal role in designing and curating spaces for resorts and hotels that offer unforgettable guest experiences.

Not to forget our contributions to Kalyana Mandapams, where we have helped create the perfect settings for cherished celebrations, and our involvement in industrial projects that demand a keen understanding of functionality and efficiency. Our multi-faceted experience equips us with the versatility needed to excel in diverse architectural and interior design endeavors, and we look forward to bringing our expertise to new and exciting projects.


  • RERA
  • CMDA
  • DTCP
  • (Reclassified, Layout, Building & Industries)


  • Airport
  • Airforce
  • CRZ
  • Sewage Treatment Plan
  • Traffic
  • Wet/Dry Land
  • P.W.D
  • Revenue Department
  • Fire


  • Turn Key Project
  • EIA Clearance
  • Laboratary Clearance
  • PCB Legal Compliances (CTE, CTO, HWA, EWA)
  • Environmental Clearance (EC, EIA, EMP, RIA, SIA)


  • Structural & Stability
  • Surveying
  • Project Management Consultancy Services