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Home Renovation



Vilvaa Construction take a prompt role in the Renovation Works and interior design of your dream house. Conversion or renovation take a lot of skill, experience, foresight and sensitivity. Since it not only depend on the money and time of our investment, also the building life that we are working with. We plan and enact your vision, while retaining the originality and strength of the building that we are working in. Our dedication and talent is unmatched in the renovation services.


Your renovating, to make your house look more beautiful and feel comfortable. We consider renovating your house as live hood management lovable, we Vilvaa Construction begin our work from scratch to the dream of your wish.


Key to renovating your house on budget and beautifully is primarily to plan the entre process effectively, we Vilva consultancy consider our customers welfare a primary consent, here we are sharing some points.

    • Whole is greater than the some of its parts: When we consider to Renovate a building its better to plan, in a single stretch, it will be effective as well as cost consumption.


    • Budgeting : Our house design, should not create a financial crisis to us, we can avoid it by planning the budget, which we are going to renovate our house.


    •  Better to use old than buying new: If an existing material is in good quality, use it rather replacing it. Ie. If wood work is in good condition just do a simple carpentry works, paint it rather replacing it.


    • Paints : Painting creates a good impression, prefer vibrant colours. Good combination create a Lavish looks.


    • Mirrors : We are working with small rooms use mirrors, it make an impression of making room to look bigger.


    • Kitchen : Woman’s make a better home, a better home defines a happy family, kitchen plays a vital role in the happiness of the woman were they spend a maximum time to utilise utensils, Kitchen needs a maximum storage space for the utensils and food products, most commonly we won’t give much space to kitchen, we vilva consultancy are focused to create a maximum space to the kitchen limited space to maximum capacity is a bigger task, we can go with cupboards or Modular kitchen to optimize it to maximum capacity.


    • Impression creates wonders: Our house resembles our status in the society, the design, Layout, external features, pattern. we vilva consultancy believe in creating wonders, with the help of interior design to make lavish look house, we are not only focused on the interior work we are also keen with exteriors which give us a completeness in the building and a happy customers. We have a good set of architectures to design your house.


    • Tiles Laying : Tiles laying is an interesting work, which can create mess if the layout failed, we work with authentic tile work, Modern and designer tiles, and traditional Red Oxide Designed flooring.


    • Research : We need to do all previous research on the designs, Items, Materials. On spot decisions will make an expense higher than our budget.
    • Structural building : Experience  make perfect, on the term we vilva consultancy expand the team of architects to, not only to work on concrete buildings, also structural buildings, since they are going to be an great alternate for the concrete building, we have an enormous amount of design for the Structural building.

We doesn’t stop our work with renovation we also focus on, maintenance of the building that we are also working, also on based on our client request.


Entire Building Maintenance work that we are entrusted on

  • Building Painting Works
  • Building Designing Works
  • Building Carpenter Works
  • Building Architect Works
  • Building Designing Works
  • Building Alteration Works
  • Electrical work.
  • Plumbing Work.
  • Modular kitchen.
  • Soil Test Works
  • Interior work/design.
  • Tiles Laying.