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Design And Engineering

Vilvaa Consultancy & Group of Companies with its strong engineering roots has adopted the latest innovations in digital engineering offering end to end engineering solution to customers across Tamilnadu. We have delivered sizeable and complex projects around Tamilnadu proving the engineering prowess of the company.

From Individual Apartments, Flats & Villas, Building complexes Vilvaa Consultancy has proven its expertise time and again over the last three decades.

Any Engineering and Design project requires a deep understanding of the requirement and a close partnership with the client. Vilvaa partners through the entire cycle, from concept to commissioning – Inspection, Site Visit, Project Management Consultancy for Approval/Layout, Project Coordination, Construction Management & Supervision, Commissioning Support, Pre-project activities, Basic & Detailed Design Engineering & Procurement Services

Our Engineering Offerings

  • Project Concept Development
  • Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Reports
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Environmental Study Reports
  • System Studies
  • Frontend Engineering Design (FEED)
  • OE Services
  • Detailed Engineering

We use various homegrown and partner software, including 3D platforms, workflows and electronic data management systems to offer the best solution to our customers.


Integrated, Transparent, International Safety Standards

Integrated Project Management Consultancy for Construction We look at project management and construction management solutions in totality, integrating with engineering and procurement skills. PMC is a disruptive offering from Vilvaa, providing the much-needed transparency, ethics, and values bundled with structure and professionalism the market requires. We have expertise in architectural engineering, basic engineering, detailed engineering, project management, and construction management. We take our holistic solutions a step further by extending our services through the entire asset life-cycle by offering opex services management. From the most straightforward projects to the most complex, such as extensive nuclear energy facilities, we have proved our might as Chennai’s top-notch PMC service providers. Our diverse capabilities, endorsed by high ethical practices and international standards in safety and quality, make Vilvaa a must-have partner for your next project.

We enable engineering transformation with 3D,4D, 5D enabled Digital & Advanced Technologies and plant engineering solutions. We provide:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management / Supervision
  • Program Management

Procurement Management Offerings:

For Vilvaa Consultancy & Group of Companies Procurement Management is a strategic approach to optimise client spend. Vilvaa & Group of Companies facilitates vendor selection, sourcing, Order requisitioning, ordering, inspection, and reconciliation. It means acquiring your goods and services from preferred vendors, within your determined budget, either on or before the deadline.

  • Procurement Assistance
  • Quality, Inspection & Equipment management
  • Vendor Quality & Vendor Management
  • Inquiry/Tender Preparation and Award

Our Scope of Work

  • Preliminary Designing/Preparation of scheme drawings for discussions.
  • Site Survey/Inspection/Feasibility study
  • Finalization of scheme drawings.
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities
  • Pre-bid meeting
  • Analysis of Quotes / Tenders
  • Preparing Comparative Statement
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Quality, Inspection & Equipment management
  • Vendor Quality & Vendor Management

  • Inquiry/Tender Preparation and Award
  • Co-ordination between Vendors, Architects and Clients
  • Review meetings as mutually agreed upon by all concerned
  • Preparing & Circulating Minutes of meeting to Vendors, Architects and Clients
  • Bill Checking and Certification
  • Preparing snag lists after completion of work
  • Verification of snag corrections
  • Issuance of project completion certificate and report.
  • Issuance of As Build Drawings