Sai Krishna

Director & Structural Consultant (908) 780-0786


Having successfully attained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, I have accumulated a commendable five years of hands-on experience in the field. My expertise spans various domains of civil engineering, including building structural analysis, quality surveys, multi-storey bill of quantity (BOQ) preparation, and structural design and stability assessments. My comprehensive skill set extends to quality and quantity assessments for a diverse range of projects, such as villa developments, apartments, and industrial works, reflecting my versatility in tackling projects of varying complexity.

In the realm of structural engineering, my proficiency lies in conducting detailed structural analyses, ensuring the safety and integrity of buildings and infrastructure. I excel in the meticulous preparation of BOQs, a crucial aspect of project planning and budgeting. Furthermore, my extensive experience in quality surveys and assessments has equipped me with the ability to identify and rectify issues, ensuring that projects meet the highest quality standards.

My expertise extends beyond traditional construction projects to encompass the specialized field of multi-storey structures. I have a track record of successfully managing and executing projects in this domain, ensuring that they are structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable. Additionally, my experience in quality and quantity assessment extends to various types of projects, including villa developments, apartments, and industrial works. This diversity in project experience has allowed me to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in different project types, enabling me to deliver effective solutions and assessments tailored to specific project needs. Overall, my educational background and practical experience make me a well-rounded professional in civil engineering with a strong foundation in structural design, quality assessment, and project management.


  • RERA
  • CMDA
  • DTCP
  • (Reclassified, Layout, Building & Industries)


  • Airport
  • Airforce
  • CRZ
  • Sewage Treatment Plan
  • Traffic
  • Wet/Dry Land
  • P.W.D
  • Revenue Department
  • Fire


  • Turn Key Project
  • EIA Clearance
  • Laboratary Clearance
  • PCB Legal Compliances (CTE, CTO, HWA, EWA)
  • Environmental Clearance (EC, EIA, EMP, RIA, SIA)


  • Structural & Stability
  • Surveying
  • Project Management Consultancy Services